Next Steps Dinner

Looking to get connected? NEXT STEPS DINNER is all about helping you do just that. Here you will hear the beliefs and mission of Tribes Church, discover your purpose and find your Tribe (what we call a small group). NEXT STEPS DINNER is offered monthly, with child care available. This is a great opportunity to meet other new families to the church, connect with Pastor Gavin and his family, and hear from him all about how you can get connected.  


Dinner is free and the whole family is invited, we just ask you to register HERE.

Find Your Tribe

Tribes are what we are all about as a church...and it's where we got our name from. We want to be a church of small groups (which we call a Tribe). When you find your Tribe, you find a group of people that stick by you in your faith journey and help you chase after Jesus. Our Tribes meet regularly in homes throughout our community mid-week.


Ready to find yours? CLICK HERE

Serve Team

We believe part of what it means to follow the way of Jesus is to serve others as He has served us. For this reason, we have dozens of different ways to serve around Tribes on a weekly basis from caring for children, to helping on the tech team, to brewing coffee and greeting...there is literally a spot for everyone! We also have regular opportunities to make an impact in our city through a quarterly event we call Serve Sunday.

To learn more about serving opportunities check out Next Steps Dinner or email


Tel: 940-489-2558

PO Box 306 

Argyle, Tx 76226

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